SEED Social Responsibility Catalyst Competition 2019-20

How could you make a difference in and around the School of Environment, Education and Development? 

Our SEED Social Responsibility Catalyst Competition offers seed corn funding between £200 and £1500 for ideas.  In consultation with colleagues, it has been decided that this pot will have a particular focus on funding initiatives that directly relate to:

– decolonising university activity

– addressing inequalities at the university

– environmental sustainability

Priority will be given to projects that fall under this focus but we are open to other ideas.  Feel free to talk to Jen ( or to submit an alternative application.

Funding applications can relate to teaching, research or other university activities in or around the University but need to relate to one, or some, of the five Social Responsibility strategic priorities of

– responsible processes

– engaging our communities

– environmental sustainability

– research with impact

– developing socially responsible graduates

If you would like to discuss your idea prior to application, please get in touch with SR Director, Jen O’Brien

Apply by clicking this link– (

How much is available?

Up to a maximum of £1,500 is available for each project. Applications need to be over £200.

When can applications to be fund be made?

There are two rounds of funding to maximise impact.

  • The first opens in October 2019 and closes on 14th November 2019 at 5pm. Decisions will be shared by 21st November 2019.
  • The second opens on 3rd February 2020 and closes on 28th February 2020 at 5pm. Decisions will be shared by 5th March 2020.

ALL claims for money must be submitted before 11th May 2020.

Who can apply for the fund?

All members of our SEED community can apply for the fund – all students, alumni and staff across our academic and PS communities. Students and PS colleagues are particular encouraged to apply. You are welcome to apply for both rounds of funding. Projects will be judged on their individual merits.

Apply by clicking this link– (


How will applications be assessed?

The following questions will therefore be asked of each application:

– What impact will the application have to Social Responsibility within SEED, and beyond?

– Does this represent value for money? And, are there any other funding sources that might be more appropriate for this application? (e.g. research impact sources)

– How sustainable is the initiative? Will it’s impact be greater than this seed corn funding? Have longer term plans be considered?

If successful you will be asked to write a short report about your initiative that will be shared with SEED external communications.


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