Where has volunteering taken SEED students?

SEED has over 250 students who volunteer in communities near and far.  Volunteering contributes towards the University of Manchester’s prestigious Stellify Award which formally recognises how our students graduate with the skills, experience, understanding and drive to make a positive impact on the world. Moreover, volunteering can really enhance your University experience as a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, get out of your comfort zone, and feel good as you give back to society.  Don’t take our word for it – listen to why some of SEED’s students decided to volunteer, and just how much they have given back to the community, but gained in the process, too.

Sakib graduated from Geography in 2017.  His range of volunteer experience equipped him to set up his own organisation, Open Mind, aiming to support students living with mental health issues.  Sakib and Open Mind, won a University of Manchester Making a Difference Award in 2017.  Listen to why he decided to volunteer:


Lucia Banjo graduated from Management, Leadership and Leisure.  During her studies she had a work placement with the Big Change Campaign.  She then went on to volunteer with Team Uganda. She won the University of Manchester’s Volunteer of the Year Award.  In the video below she talks about how much she enjoyed this experience and how it helped her to get a graduate job.


Postgraduate, international student Mengru was studying for an MSc in International Development: Public Policy and Management with the Global Development Institute.  She talks about how volunteering helped to develop her skills but also meet new people, practice her language skills and get to know Manchester.


Matt studied for an MSc in Planning.  Here he talks about his volunteering with the Scouts, including a development project which has given him the opportunity to use the skills he has gained from his degree.


If you are interested in volunteering – or would like to advertise a volunteering opportunity –  the Volunteer Hub lists pre approved volunteering opportunities, everything from environmental opportunities, work in schools, cultural projects, experience overseas, representing your fellow students, to name but a few.

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