Making a Difference Award: work in progress…The Rainy City

In addition to our formal awards (see SEED Makes a Difference!) many other colleagues were recognised by the University’s Social Responsibility team.  These are fantastic  projects that were highly commended by the committee for having emerging impact and great potential.  It was a particular pleasure that the panel recognised the positive social impact work of some of our SEED students.

Joseph McCarty, a student of the Manchester Institute of Education’s Management, Leadership and Leisure programme was commended for his social innovation, The Rainy City

Joseph Rainy City
Joseph’s ‘Rainy City’ alter ego, ‘borrowed’ from

As a Mancunian born and bred, Joseph often found himself to be the ‘one stop shop’ for advice for arriving students, particularly international students, about where was good to eat, where to buy items, even where to have a good hair cut. Joseph set up ‘Rainy City’ which he described as ‘a one stop shop for all things Manchester for the student new to the city, the tourist here for the highlights and the local who just wants more’.  Since launch, the project has gathered a following of over 2,300 people across the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram; amongst those, a vast number of international students from universities across Greater Manchester. These are individuals who are in an entirely new country, with no bearings, no family, few or zero friends, and no idea where to start. Site users said:

I came here last year and didn’t know anything about Manchester other than the university. As an international student The Rainy City has been absolutely amazing, introducing me to so many cool things and places and has only helped strengthen my relationship with my now girlfriend! 

Adrienne Kuster, UoM International student.

The project has become a source of unofficial, unaffiliated and unpaid marketing and advertisement for the independent business’s within Manchester, whilst also establishing a reputation as an online entity that people trust, and keep coming back to again and again, to discover more and more of The Rainy City.

The Rainy City is Manchester’s best blog by a mile. Mixing top photos, slick text & a splash of humanity; the events and locations show that they care about supporting the great indies of Manchester, not just writing about every flashy opening”

Jason Bailey, Director of GRUB MCR LTD.

Follow The Rainy City on Facebook Instagram or Twitter to hear about all good things happening in our glorious Manchester.


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