Welcome to the #SEEDSR Blog

Welcome to the personal blog of #SEEDSR Director, Jen O’Brien.

#SEEDSR speaks the way that SEED is making a positive contribution to the world around us through our research, our teaching and our public engagement activities – and there are some fantastic things happening in the world of Social Responsibility (SR) in SEED.

This site will showcase SEED SR achievements, advertise opportunities, share ideas and hopefully network like minded colleagues across the SEED community. The SEED community stems across our estates colleagues, our professional support services, our alumni, our students (undergraduate through to postgraduate research), our academics, our teachers and our researchers.

I also hope to give you some insight into what I do as the Director of Social Responsibility and how that feeds into my role in the operation of SEED. I am a teaching and scholarship academic who has not long returned from maternity leave as the proud, full time working mum of my wonderful Jasmine.  As (only) a Lecturer, my application to the SR Director post was a ‘flier’, and a massively steep learning curve into the world of university management.  I am really proud to serve on the senior leadership team of the School and endeavour to work in a transparent, equitable and respectful manner.  I’d like to think that I have an insight into the pressures of the academy, especially for early career staff and women in particular. 

If you would like to feature your work, or your story, on these pages or discuss anything #SEEDSR related please get in touch: jennifer.obrien@manchester.ac.uk

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