Welcome to #SEEDSR

TUOM, UNDER GRADUATE PROSPECTUSThis is the personal blog of Jen O’Brien, Director of Social Responsibility, SEED. All views are my own.

Social Responsibility describes the way that we are making a positive impact on our communities through our research, teaching and public engagement activities.  Every year we host a small event to thank colleagues in the School of Environment, Education and Development for their inspiring social responsibility work.  With all of our amazing achievements this year – and over 250 volunteers alone! – that just wasn’t impossible. Instead SEED’s Random Acts of Appreciation for Social Responsibility recognise and promote just some of the fantastic work of our colleagues.  Our blog pages explain more; read about how SEED Makes a Difference! , about Farhana Choudhury  who won the Global Undergraduate Award for her essay about access to education, about SEED’s involvement in the University Community Festival, to name but a few.

If you would like to showcase your work, or have been inspired, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: Jennifer.obrien@manchester.ac.uk